Week 15 – Orange

Week 15 – Orange

Orange. This word always perplexed me when when I was just a wee child; how can it be both a color and a fruit? A noun and an adjective. The orange is orange. The English language is so confusing! Who am I kidding? Still perplexed!

Trying something new this week, which I’m really excited to share with you😊! With the help of the lovely Jessica at Camp 36 Soapery, may I present the first un-food installment. Let me repeat, this is not edible. Please do not eat. Not for human consumption. Or 4-legged consumption.

Before we get to this fun creation, lets see what these #fakebabies are up to. At 15 weeks, they’re fully formed miniature humans, just needing the time now to grow and mature all of its’ systems. Weighing 2.5 ounces and just 4 inches long there is not a lot of power to its’ punch yet. One of my fondest pregnancy memories is feeling them roll, kick, stretch, boogie and I’m pretty sure doing the wave too. I would guess yours too!

Not only are they the size of a navel orange, they’re also similar to these nostalgic childhood items.

And because there is no recipe with bubblegum, baseballs or shelf stable oranges; this week, week 15, we’re making…Orange Scented Lotion. Did you know the orange scent is cheerful and uplifting while simultaneously relaxing? Just thank God I chose the ‘orange week’ to make a lotion and not ‘onion week.’ You’re welcome.

Pearl Orange Blossom Lotion


1 jar- 3.5oz paraben-free lotion base

1 bottle of fragrance oil with pearl orange color added


Pour the bottle of fragrance oil into the lotion and mix together until combined.

Since I was basically doing chemistry in my kitchen, I felt like I should be extra cautious with safety glasses. Safety first!
  • Can be enjoyed immediately
  • Does contain a preservative, so it will last for several months. But can dry out if the lid is left off

Too bad I can’t share how good this smells or how soft my hands feel… But you’ll find out soon enough with your own creation. Enjoy!

Orange you glad you get to make lotion? #crafts❤️

Thanks Camp 36 Soapery!