Lentil Dal

Green lentils, red lentils, brown lentils- I love them all!  I’ve done the tacos, the soup, the sloppy joes and lasagna.  It was time for a new lentil recipe!   I quickly came across this one from the Minimalist Baker.

1-pot Lentil Dal – The Minimalist Baker

A quick trip to the grocery store on my lunch break, I got the few ingredients I needed.  I was happy to easily find lemongrass, which I have never bought before.  Right there in the produce section, I’m sure where it’s always been hanging out and I never paid it any attention.

And knowing me, what do I love more than a recipe within a recipe?  Not much!  So when it said I could make my own green curry paste- I was stoked!

Green Curry Paste – The Minimalist Baker


It all came together pretty easily, not that you would be able to tell by the looks of my kitchen afterwards.  It took longer for the lentils to cook than the recipe stated, but you just can’t rush these things.  I served it over rice for a  flavorful dinner.


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