Powerhouse Desert

Watching That Sugar Film was eye-opening.  I made my whole family watch it too; it’s highly entertaining while delivering an important message.  We’ve been close to sugar free since this documentary came out.  I also receive their emails which periodically post new recipes.  Awhile back, there was one I was sure I just had to try.

That Sugar Film- Puffed Millet Quinoa & Tahini Bars

Now, here’s the problem…. this is an Australian based company.  Which is really not a problem, but being in the States makes it challenging to know exactly what I need to find or what I can substitute.  I already had the cacao, coconut oil, tahini and dates.  I was on a mission to find puffed millet, quinoa flakes and raw buckwheat.  But, it was a half-hearted mission.  I was only going to look at my local supermarket, I was not in the mood to go all over town.  And when they didn’t carry any of these items- I improvised.  I substituted 1 cup of oats for the puffed millet and 1 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal (whole grain brown rice, corn, sorghum and buckwheat) for the quinoa flakes.  It looked like little flakes and it had buckwheat in it- practically the same thing. 😉

I made it according to the directions and put it in the freezer.

“Interesting” is how I would describe it, but the more I ate it, actually the more I liked it.  My family were not fans.  So, when my friend came over I had her try it.  She had the same impression I did.  Then she suggested drizzling chocolate over the top and when she said that, I thought well, might as well serve it with ice cream too.  When I told my 14 year old this while she was devouring it, she loved it so much, she called us a powerhouse!  Hence the name, since I veered so far off course.  And yes, I feel  guilty that I took a healthy, sugar free desert and made it exactly the opposite.  But, boy was it good.  I had mine with cashew milk vanilla ice cream.


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