Sweet Potato Fajitas, Part Deux

What happens when you are home alone for lunch and are on the verge of getting hangry?!

Step 1, scour the fridge for leftovers. Spy leftover sweet potato fajitas. (See previous post for recipe) ✔️

Step 2, rack your brain trying to figure out a fun way to eat them. Spy the clearance item thin-crust pizza crust on the counter. ✔️

Step 3, change your mind (it’s a woman’s prerogative, right?) from using pesto to the enchilada sauce I bought at the farmer’s market last week. ✔️

This sauce is the bomb! (notice it’s empty in the picture?)

Enchilada Sauce- www.salsagarcia.com

Super easy to put together. I baked it according to the pizza crust directions and I had a hot, tasty lunch in 10 minutes! Took all of my self control and willpower not to eat the whole pizza.

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