ChickWheat Shreds

In an ironic twist, my two biggest “must eat meat for every meal” members of my family love this, while I don’t.πŸ˜‰ Maybe it’s too similar to chicken….😝

I came across this recipe and thought it looked like a fun one! – ChickWheat Shreds

While it was somewhat time consuming to make, it wasn’t hard. The main characters, aka the three amigos!

After combining, resting, blending and kneading the mixture is ready for the Instant Pot. 120 minutes is one of the longest times I’ve ever had to set it for; only wine and yogurt took longer. Wrapped in foil, it’s ready to go.

Once it’s done and cooled, it’s time to shred! Well, that sounds like a new dance move – time to shred! πŸ˜‚

Now you have a basic mixture that can hang out in the refrigerator just waiting to be spiced or dressed up however you like.

I used it for BBQ sandwiches, teriyaki and rice, enchiladas and fajitas. And I pretty much didn’t like any of them, ha! But, my husband and daughter did, so much so, that my husband ate them for leftovers for lunch the entire week!

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