Hot Mess

I know I’m not the only one. You see all the pictures online of beautifully styled food in equally as lovely backdrops or locations. And you just think there’s no way you could recreate this or ever measure up.

So, in an attempt to be more transparent, thanks to my recent attendance at the International Food Bloggers Conference. And full disclosure, I was too distracted by the excitement outside the conference walls to even be in full attendance. I want to see more, not less honesty on social media.

So, here it goes. This is truly what my kitchen looked like my first night cooking upon my return home. Not only are all the foods out, ingredients spilled and not an inch left of counter space; you can even see that we’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel. And by ‘in the middle’ I mean that it’s only been three years since we’ve had cupboard doors or baseboards or trim work done.

Yes, I am a hot mess. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone 😊

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