Bangers and Mash

It all started with an innocent shopping trip to Costco when I spotted these..

And I knew Bangers and Mash would be one of the foods described in ‘1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die.’ How could they not? And now I can check British off my list 😊

These sausages are plumper than what I typically buy and are traditionally served upon a fluffy pillow of mashed potatoes with onion gravy atop. This was the recipe I followed – Bangers and Mash

Well, actually I only followed how to make the onion gravy.. I just made my typical mashed potatoes and baked the bangers.

The meat eaters in my family thought it was a fun twist to typical Bratwurst style sausages.

And a fun fact is that when water was added to the sausages in World War I, to stretch the food rations, they would burst in the pan, with a bang, hence the name, banger!

Cooking and history in one 😊

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