Crab Boil Four Ways

One of the absolute perks of traveling is bringing back local foods and ideas. Having brought a huge haul (see photo 😊)

back from New Orleans in August, I’m still working through it. Not sure what got into me tonight, but I went all sorta gangbusters, if you know me, you’d understand this πŸ˜…. All based off of this little box.

It started simple enough, innocent even. I just thought I’d boil some potatoes in the crab boil to add a little kick to my mashed potatoes.

And then while I was cleaning up dinner, I just couldn’t part with the giant pot of seasoned water…. So I started brainstorming what else I could do with it. After a freezer and pantry search I came up with three more uses.

I made a large batch of rice. It’s always convenient to have some already made up for the kids, now they’ll get an extra punch.

And to please the meat and non-meat eaters I boiled chicken in the spicy bath and vacuum sealed tofu with the rest.

I guess the only item missing was if I actually had some crab…

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