Week 27 – Rutabaga

Week 27 – Rutabaga

Week 27 is pretty much the beginning of the third trimester! Which I’ve decided is a fine time for the baby shower! My favorite (est) baby shower was the book shower thrown for me when I was pregnant with Maya, everyone brought their most beloved children’s book! There were so many good ones, but I think my favorite was King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub!

Was this one you read? I loved the illustrations and how silly it was to read, almost sing, with fun effects. So, when I was stumped with the rutabaga, then found the children’s book, “Rutabaga Bob” I decided this was the perfect time for a book baby shower and some fun games! I know, I know, I really shouldn’t quit my day job!

Yes, I finally met my match. The rutabaga. I worked my way through the avocado and lettuce, and still not sure what I will do with durian….but Rutabaga=1 and Angie =0. I do have a vague memory of us even buying rutabagas and not being impressed with them. I think I mashed mine and you may have roasted yours or vice versa #details. And really, what else is there? Plus, it was time to mix things up. So, yes “Rutabaga Bob” with just a few alterations 😉

The two “funnest fun facts” I found about rutabagas, besides them being a root vegetable, a cross between a turnip and cabbage is their history of being carved into masks and for Halloween until the pumpkin became widespread in the 1980’s. And in Ithaca, NY, the International Rutabaga Curling Championship is held on the last day of market season.

Can you even believe the #fakebabies are getting so big? Not only the size of a rutabaga, but also a Barbie doll (or Ken). Their brain is rapidly maturing and their brain is active, with sleep cycles, even having dreams!

So, how, you ask, do you throw a baby shower, long distance, through the mail?

1. Mad libs. You fill it out and I will add in the words for I’m sure a hilarious story.

2. Draw baby. Place paperplate atop your head and draw your best baby. Here’s mine.

3. Nursery Rhymes. Fill in the blanks.

Now, let the games begin! And please let me know what you think of the book😂

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