Week 37 – Winter Melon

Week 37 – Winter Melon

We made it! I knew we could do it! #nodoubt. Woo-Hoo!! 37 weeks is considered full term. According to the pregnancy websites our #fakebabies are practicing inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid, rehearsing for the first breath. Like us, remembering to BREATHE! Blinking and rolling from side to side are other ways they’re passing the time.

Winter melon was a tough one. Not only have I never eaten one, therefore meaning I’ve never incorporated one into a recipe, but new foods don’t intimidate me. I say bring it. But, with the shipping of one and it now being too close to the delivery I just couldn’t pull it off. Required to think outside the box. Lol, like a post office box.

You know when you’re doing something completely unrelated and all of a sudden something sparks an idea. Yup, that happened. Which is how ‘The Very Hungry Twister’ was born. Welcome to the inner workings of my brain 😂

Fun to go back to my roots, you know old school, and scrapbook a silly book based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. With a twist, a #twister twist!

Although it was so fun to mail you a package each week, knowing what excitement and joy it brought you. This one will be special in a different way because it gets to be delivered in person.

Happy full term #fakepregnancy! Cheers to us!

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