12 Months / 12 Cuisines

12 Months / 12 Cuisines

It’s been awhile my dear food blog! The writing and posting may have taken a break, but never fear, the cooking and eating has not. One of the highlights of traveling is trying all the different local foods. I could use many more words to elaborate on traveling highlights, but that may just make me sad since there is no travel in the foreseeable future. But, enough of that! Lets focus on what we can do! How about dedicating each month of 2021 to a different country and focus on cooking food from there. A bit of a way to stay connected, learn and try new things and have some fun!

My expectation is to post a link to each of the recipes I’ve cooked throughout the month. A way to share what I’ve done, in the hope it inspires others and a bit of a selfish reason so I can have all the recipes in one place for me to refer back to also. A win-win 🙂

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