Vegi Bibimbap 

Having a jar of kimchi in the refrigerator and ordering an amazing bibimbap the other night at the Noodle Bowl ( led me to try to make this at home.  According to the website, bibimbap simply means “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables.”  It ended up being much more labor intensive than I envisioned, yet sometimes that’s how recipes are the first time you make them. Or maybe it was because I also decided this was somehow the perfect time to try to make ghee in my oven (that may be another blog post!) So, I will definitely make this again, especially since my family really enjoyed it.

Bibimbap –

I kept mine vegetarian and cooked venison to put in my family’s.  Which makes this a great example of basically cooking one meal, while still meeting all of our needs. Gotta keep those meat eaters happy.  🙂

img_20171119_195635847391291.jpgI used carrots, shiitake mushrooms, sugar snap peas and spinach.  All so good and I’m just loving the different colored carrots!


The kimchi had such a great fizz when I opened it, gotta be good for the gut!
With the mandatory fried egg on top and drizzled with bibimbap sauce.

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