Deviled Egg-stravaganza

Thanksgiving is not complete without deviled eggs. I absolutely love them and could eat an embarrassingly large amount.

This year I decided to branch out and try some fun flavors, thank you #40! Soy-Sirracha and curry are the  two recipes I found online.  My recent purchase of Vegenaise in chipolte and pesto flavors inspired the other two.  And my fun foodie friend suggested smoking my fifth batch since my husband was already smoking the turkey.

These are the recipes I used for the first two flavors.

Soy Siracha Deviled Eggs –

Curry Deviled Eggs –

I used my basic deviled egg recipe for the Vegenaise ones, just substituting the Vegenaise for mayonnaise and omitting the dry mustard.

I made the smoked ones traditional, but the smoke flavor gave them more depth. Smoking also changed their texture and made them somewhat chewy.  I put them in for 30 minutes at 280 degrees.

The best part was all of us trying the different flavors and deciding which ones we liked best.  The Soy-Siracha ones won! Plus they were the prettiest 🙂


Top left-Smoked. Top right- Soy Siracha.  Middle left- Pesto.  Bottom right- Curry. Bottom left-chipolte.


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