Toasted Fig & Avocado Sandwich 

Figs and avocados are just some of my favorite  foods…. Great, and now I’m singing “My Favorite Things,” but changing all of the original words to food… Almond milk in coffee and chickpeas in burritos, sugar snap peas and vegi-filled sushidos….  But, I digress.  

I was given a lovely jar full of figs and wanted to do something interesting  and not just eat them all in one sitting, which I could have easily done.  I came across this recipe, lured in by the picture, and although I didn’t follow it per se, the idea for this sandwich combination came from it.  

Fig Avocado Sandwich –

I sliced up my figs, about 3 per sandwich and added 1/4 avocado and a small handful of spinach on sourdough bread that I slathered in ghee to toast.   

Getting to use the ghee that I previously made was an added bonus.  Ghee is clarified butter with all of the milk solids removed, thereby removing all of the casein and lactose, just leaving “liquid gold.”  I followed this recipe to make it in the oven. 

Ghee –

Here it is right after I strained it, removing the milk solids.  It’s hot, so still in liquid form. 

And after it cools, it hardens into a solid state. 

This is seriously one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.  Can’t wait til figs are back in season!

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