Carrot Lox Sushi

Mind blown.  Can’t believe I was able to transform carrots into this deliciousness.  But, it really wasn’t me….. I can read and follow directions well 😉  So, thank you Olives for Dinner.

Carrot Lox Sushi – www.olivesfordinner. com

This was a two day process and honestly I was wondering if it’d be worth it, but now that I’ve eaten it, I’d say YES!

It started with roasting the carrots in salt. A lot of salt. 

After 1 1/2 hours the carrots were pretty much mummified in salt.  After chipping away the salt, I had to peel the carrots. This was the hardest part. They weren’t giving up their peels so easy and even with this, it was like unraveling a mummy.  When I finished, it resembled a carrot massacre.

At this point, I soaked the carrots in liquid smoke, olive oil and apple cider vinegar (the recipe called for coconut vinegar, but Google told me I could use apple cider vinegar with a pinch of sugar).  48 hours in the refrigerator and they’d be ready!

When wondering about rolling sushi by hand since I didn’t have any special tools,  my two favorite dogs brought me a present. Thank you Kona and Echo 🙂

Now it’s assembly time.  They were super easy to put together and the Sushezi really helped!  Basically you just pack in the rice, place your filling on top, close it up and push the plunger through and you have one giant sushi roll!  Such a beautiful thing. 

Them I wrapped the nori around it and sliced them up.

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