Coconut B(acon) L(ettuce) A(vocado) T(omato) 

Bacon is revered by many as the ultimate food. I mean what other food is on boxer shorts, coffee mugs, air fresheners (gag!), you name it you could probably get a picture of bacon on it. If you subscribe to this club, you may want to stop reading. This may be sacrilegious to what I am about to say. Coconut bacon.

I am always the last to know, but I just stumbled across a recipe for coconut bacon.  Apparently it’s been a “thing” for awhile. Who knew?

I found quite a few recipes,  but decided upon this one.  There was no good reason except I liked the pictures of her dog. 🙂 

Coconut Bacon –
It really couldn’t have been easier to make. And near the end of its’ cooking time,  the smell wafting through the kitchen was unbelievably good.  Here it is fresh out of the oven, if only this was ‘scratch-n-sniff.’ 

I was only cooking for myself this night and decided to make it into a BLAT.  It would have been a little easier if I could have found long shreds of coconut flakes, and not these smaller pieces. But, it all tastes the same right?  It was so good and really had to fight the urge to make myself another sandwich. 

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