Black Eyed Peas 

*Update- I was short on time tonight for dinner, but really wanted to have this for dinner. So I converted the recipe for my Instant Pot. Was nervous because I really didn’t want to screw up dinner, but you have to start somewhere, right?

First I used the saute function to cook the onions and garlic, because no knew wants hard onions. After they softened I just dumped everything else in and used the manual mode to set it to high for 25 minutes. The one thing I’ve found with the Instant Pot is that cook times are significantly longer than recipes state because of the time it takes to get up to pressure. For example, I started my rice about the same I started the Instant Pot. The rice, which takes 45 minutes to cook, was done before the black eyed peas. Because of our time crunch I did the manual release. But, I am happy to report they turned out really good. Will definitely do this again!

Happy New Year!

Having only eaten black eyed peas one other time and remembering that they’re eaten on New Year’s Day for good luck sent me on today’s food crusade. I found a Crockpot recipe that was super simple.

Black Eyed Peas –

My family and I all really enjoyed them, they were surprisingly flavorful and had a good consistency.

And as an added bonus I read to them why they’re considered lucky. One story dates back to the Civil War when black eyed peas were actually considered animal food. But on one occasion when Union soldiers raided the Confederates they left the black eyed peas. When the Confederates discovered what had happened, they ate the black eyed peas and considered themselves lucky to at least have this.

#prosperityfornewyear 🙂

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