Summer Squash Pizza

It’s that time of year when Google searches are at an all time high for zucchini recipes. I wanted to give equal love to my summer squash as well as my zucchini. Last night was zucchini, tonight is summer squash. And when you’re lucky enough to have a son who plants you a garden for Mother’s Day, the stakes, as well as the yield are high. ๐Ÿ˜Š Here is the proud boy with his bounty.

I came across this recipe and it sounded like a winner. – Summer Squash Pizza

It is quite simple to make, with not many ingredients. I like easy. You just have to plan ahead, it takes about 2 hours for the dough to rise. And when it says use your hands to mix. Use your hands. ๐Ÿ˜‰

While the dough is busy doing its’ thing, you can get busy with the squash; grating, draining and squeezing.

After you spread the dough out, you top it with the squash. I added black pepper and red pepper flakes. And whole wheat bread crumbs top it off.

I baked it for 10 minutes, then cracked five eggs over it and let it bake for the additional 10 minutes. I headed out to the garden to pick some cherry tomatoes for the finishing touch, the creme de la creme!

And surprise, surprise, the “meat eaters” loved it! It’s very unpredictable how vegetarian meals will go, but this was a winner!

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