Smoked Salmon Tacos

I am ecstatic over all the different elements that came together for tonight’s dinner, hence I am writing this with a happy heart.♥️

The inspiration came from my friend’s magazine article, Smoked Salmon Tacos.

My husband spent Saturday smoking a large amount of salmon we were given, using the wood from my in-law’s recently chopped down apple tree.

The recipe, “Dad’s Favorite” was from this cookbook, and boy, do I know why this is the title. I can’t stop eating it and if fish is brain food, then at this rate I’ll be ready for Mensa soon.

And the piece de resistance was all the colorful toppings; with the kohlrabi, cucumber and arugula from our local Farmer’s Market. I’m in a major refrigerator clean out this week and I was thrilled I still had so much colorful produce to choose from. Plus buffet style is a super fun way to eat together as a family.

I haven’t met a taco yet I didn’t like, pretty much an equal taco eater. I relish in the fact that there is no wrong way to make them and it’s fun to get super creative, which is so different from my childhood of ground beef, cheese and iceberg lettuce. 😊

And the final product– salmon, cucumber, kohlrabi, pineapple, cilantro, green onion, tomato, arugula and cabbage with a little green taco sauce. Superb!

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