Three-Way Croutons

Planning my first overnight backpacking trip was super exciting, with one of the main reasons being the food. Of course! I loved the challenge of brainstorming food ideas with my friend. Lightweight, portable, non-perishable and with an emphasis on carbs. When she mentioned croutons, I ran with it!

I visited a local bakery, 100 Mile Bakery, which I love because of their philosophy of using ingredients sourced within 100 miles.

I bought a day-old loaf of wheat bread for only $2.50 and went home to begin the transformation!

Since I’m still somewhat recipe dependent (hey, it’s something I’m working on 😉) I started looking for recipes; we wanted fun flavors! When I stumbled across this website, it spoke to me. – Three-Way Croutons

As an added bonus, I already had everything in my kitchen. No last minute runs to the grocery store!

I divided the loaf into thirds and made the garlic-parmesean, pesto and fiesta flavors. I don’t like store bought taco seasoning so I also followed the recipe for the fiesta seasoning.

The naked bread just waiting to be dressed up!


And just like that; three fun, flavorful options. With minimal effort and barely any expense!

It was a super enjoyable treat!

I was pretty proud of this little crouton buffet and when our dinner was freeze dried cheesy enchiladas, the fiesta croutons were the perfect addition!

Happy Backpacking 🗻😊

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