Miso Hard Boiled Eggs

Fat, Salt, Acid, Heat is a new food show I found on Netflix. Did someone say food and Netflix? I loved the beauty of the series shown by being on location in amazing places and seeing first hand what goes on behind the scenes to produce these vital elements into our food.

Instead of buying the first plane ticket to Italy and meeting these red cows as shown in the first episode, Fat, I exhibited self control and went with what I had in my fridge. Miso and eggs. I’m not a huge salt fan, but I do like a little salt on my hard boiled eggs and I was intrigued to see how miso could deliver it.

After you hard boil eggs and let them cool, I just cocooned the peeled eggs in miso paste.

I let them sit overnight and absorb all the saltiness and was eager to try them the next day. Well, going back to how I’m not a huge salt fan, I found them to be way too salty. Although they definitely had a different depth of salt flavor, it was just too much. But, it may not be that way for everyone. 😊

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