Folio Cheese Wraps

My new, fun food find at Costco are these cheese wraps. I was super excited to try them and just felt like the possibilities were endless.

I couldn’t get my groceries put away fast enough…. I may have already had a pan heating up on the stove before I was done so I could sautee the spinach and onions. Hungry much?!

I thought how fun would it be to make an inside-out omelette. Well, my kitchen is where all good dreams go to die 😂 Alas, my omelette turned into a tostada. While the spinach and onions were sizzling away anticipating the arrival of the eggs, I placed the cheese wrap in the microwave. I was expecting a nice, gooey loveliness of cheese; but instead I got a crispy, breakable cheese circle.

At first I was disappointed, I would not be able to roll the egg/spinach/onion mixture inside for my inside- out omelette…. Instead it all got placed on top to create a tostada!

My disappointment was very short lived, because this was the bomb! I loved the crunchy cheese with the softness of the eggs and spinach.

And they’re so versatile. Days later when I made traditional omelettes for the family for dinner, I placed the cheese rounds inside and it melted just enough for the perfect amount of cheesey gooeyness and covered it perfectly. My family all thought they were the best omelettes they’ve had and I think the credit goes to the Folio Cheese Wraps.

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