Week 32 – Squash

Week 32 – Squash

Squash. What squash would you be speaking of pregnancy food comparison chart? We’ve already had acorn squash and butternut squash is coming…..So I’m feeling at a loss at just this non-descript “squash.” Oh sure, I could have went looking for delicata, spaghetti, kabocha or any other fun variety, but remember we’re on bedrest? And all we want is a healthy baby, so we have to stay put.

Babies born at 32 weeks have a high rate of survival without long term complications.  Even so, each week, each day the baby stays in utero increases the odds of a favorable outcome.  Like us, each in our “bedrest” state, just hoping and praying for heathy babies! 3 1/2 – 4 pounds and 18 to 19 inches long. Thirty-two week babies, if born early do require a NICU stay until they can regulate their body temperature, consistently breathe on their own and are able to eat.

Although I don’t have a new fun or weird recipe to share, just wait, week 33 is durian!! I’m giving you a week off. Maybe in preparation for the durian, haha! In the downtime, I am continuing with our baby shower games

made some coloring pages

and spelled out ‘squash’ with yoga poses. I used your alphabet yoga letters you made for your students. I did have M take pics, but am sparing you and the interwebs that horror. Not pretty or flattering or inspiring, definitely no Adriene 😉 , hello Yoga with Adriene!

Happy Week 32 #fakebabies!

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