Week 33 – Durian

Week 33 – Durian

The “king of  fruits,” durian is well known for its’ strong odor, to put it mildly. So bad in fact, it’s actually banned in many public places in Asia.

I haven’t had the experience of eating fresh durian, only in a candy flavor we found in San Francisco’s Chinatown last year. And geez, I don’t even know, have you eaten it? I figure highly likely since you lived in Indonesia for awhile. Now, I’m super curious to know this. Please shareπŸ˜€

So here’s my first taste of the king of fruits.

So scared and excited!

Obviously I couldn’t send you a fruit, through the USPS, that has a smell described as a cross between rotten onions, turpentine and raw sewage. Can you even imagine when that package arrived? “Ooooh that smell, Can’t you smell that smell.” Most people think in song lyrics right? But, I actually thought the lyrics were “the smell that’s all around you,” but it’s actually “the smell of death surrounds you” Well, I like mine better. Sorry Lynard Skynard. On the flip side, may be the fastest mail delivery to Alaska in history! Just to get it out of there! Instead I found freeze dried durian, conveniently wrapped in packaging.

But, then for the big dilema of what to make. I settled on three items, and I’m including all of them. Since I’m writing this before I’ve made them, I’m committed, no matter how bad they turn out.

  1. Whipped durian coffee
  2. Chocolate covered durian
  3. Durian flavored popcorn

But, before we get into the recipes… we’re 33 weeks pregnant! The #fakebabies are 4.2 pounds and measure 17.2 inches long! Major brain development, hardening of the bones and starting to coordinate breathing with suckling and swallowing are all happening, oh so busy they are! Interestingly, the pregnancy sites also recommend to pack your hospital bag and prepare for postpartum care. Well, I think our postpartum care will look vastly different than most! Feels like it’s time for a list πŸ˜‰

Well, are you ready for the recipes? Ready or not… While none are particularly horrible, neither are they great… so proceed with caution and “as you wish!”

1. Whipped Durian Coffee

Have you heard of this whipped coffee phenomenon? Of course I was intrigued to try this and why not go all out and add in some freeze dried durian?

I mixed 1 packet of Starbucks Via, 1 packet of sweetner, 1 Tbsp of crushed durian, 1/8 tsp vanilla and 1 Tbsp water with my frother. I was disappointed it didn’t achieve the real whipped consistency,

About as “whipped” as I could get it

but what’s a girl to do? Just go with it, I added it atop 1 cup of milk. And mixed it together.

Whipped durian coffee

2. Chocolate Covered Durian

Pretty simple this one is. I melted a chocolate bar and dipped the freeze dried durian in it, then popped it into the fridge for a bit.

They kinda look like frogs

3. Durian Flavored Popcorn

Sorry for this one….but I couldn’t resist. Almost might want to save it for April 1. I used a rolling pin to crush the durian and then just sprinkled it on the popcorn.

My dare devil taste tester!

And if none of those appeal to you, maybe feed it to the birds? Happy 33 weeks! πŸ˜€

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